How Could I Know If He Or She Is "The One"?
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How Could I Know If He Or She Is “The One”?

Within a few months of dating, a question will surely float into your mind, and it is always, “Is he (or she) the one?”. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will answer your question. But, there are signs that you and your partner can stay together forever. If you are the type to have to see marriage as the endgame, these signs can test the possibility of that lasting.

Try to imagine being with the love of your life. That’s having someone who brings out the best in you. They inspire you to be a better version of yourself, and you do the same for them. Won’t that be something beautiful?

Here is how you know that you have found the one.

1. You value the same things.

A relationship is a journey, and you will thrive knowing that you are both headed in the same direction. Valuing the same things does not really mean seeing eye-to-eye on everything. But, at least, you should know your opinions and have discussions on marriage, having kids, career, alone time, hobbies, goals, and family relationships.

2. You are most comfortable and safe when you are with them.

Every person has their version of walls they put up when they are with different people. We protect parts of our past, cover our insecurities, and deny our imperfections. If you get the chance to have someone you don’t have the impulse to put walls up, they might be the one for you.

You’re lucky to have someone you can be yourself with, even with your weird, quirky, or awkward habits, without feeling embarrassed!

3. You see their imperfections, and you do not see them as deal-breakers.

At the beginning of relationships, people mostly see things through rose-coloured glasses. But as your relationship ages, you start seeing the flaws and realizing they are not as perfect as you initially thought. However, that’s how you will know when you have that ultimate connection with someone.

Once you reach the point when you see the real things about each other, and you realize how you still have a strong feeling for them despite all of that, that’s what you can call love.

4. You have conflicts, but you settle them in a healthy way.

No relationship is perfect, and two people are bound to have disagreements along their journey. However, there are wrong ways of dealing with this, and if you found someone who acts maturely in handling the problems, that person’s a keeper.

Communication is essential in any relationship, and you will never go anywhere if you can’t express your feelings with each other. Additionally, you should check for red flags like repetitive arguments, resentment, or physically showing aggression. Don’t allow yourself to suffer from this kind of treatment.

5. You can survive being independent of each other.

Relationships should not revolve around being codependent to a degree when you lose your sense of self, and you can no longer make decisions on your own. In any partnership, you should have mutual support, but the balance must always be there. No one must rely on each other too much because that would just lead to trouble down the line.

Your partner must consider his personal growth while also giving you the space to take time for yours. On the one hand, they must be comfortable to be your plus-one when you go out. But, it must mean that they will not cling to your arm the whole night and not attempt to socialize independently.

6. You have good sexual chemistry.

Your partner can tick all the things on your list, but if you don’t have chemistry, you will eventually have trouble in the future. These can simply mean giving each other compliments, being excited to see each other after a period of being apart, regularly touching each other, and having a healthy relationship in bed.

7. You are honest with each other.

Honesty and communication are essential for any relationship to succeed. You cannot say that you are really happy if you hide things from your partner, even little ones. What you need is a relationship where you share everything without needing to hide stuff from them, especially your spending and other finances.

These things can be manifested by feeling at ease with expressing your emotions. For instance, you are not afraid to cry in front of them or rant when you feel irritated. Additionally, it would mean he or she is open to building relationships with your friends and family while giving you an opportunity to do the same.

8. You plan your future together.

As you grow older, you will realize that time is very precious, and there is no use wasting your time dating just for the heck of it. When you are in a relationship, the ultimate goal is to be in it for the long haul. So, you know you are with the right person if you look into your life five years, ten years, or even fifty years from now, and you can imagine your significant other still beside you.

Seeing your partner in your future does not mean that you are overly dependent on them. It just means your partner has become an integral part of your life that you want them to be with you on the highs and lows of your life.

9. Your partner feels like home.

There’s no better to describe your soulmate, or the one, aside from the term “home.” He or she is someone you feel most comfortable with, and you want to be with him or her at the end of the day.

Love feels like they spark joy and light in your life that you can’t help exuding your happiness whatever you do. At the end of it all, love feels like what you are looking forward to is not a proposal or a grand wedding. Instead, what matters most is spending the rest of your life with them and growing old together.

Final Thoughts: Trust Your Gut

After all, is said in done, you are the one who fully knows your relationship and its potential to be for keeps. Knowing if someone is the right person for you is about hearing that voice inside your heart and mind and trusting your judgment. At its core, you know when something feels right. Think about it and feel it out; they might just be “the one” you’ve been looking for.

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