Hi! I’m Charlie!

Hmm… Where do I start?

I would just like to tell you that I’ve never done this before. Yeah! This is my first time getting my own domain, maintaining this thing, and writing content (continuously, I hope!) whenever something comes up on my mind, which usually happens through the wee hours of the morning and sometimes during the effing work hours.

What to expect in this site?

  • wittiness from me and my BFF, Harley, which also sounds like Charlie, BTW
  • what I’ve been up to – training specifically Analytics Training and some things in between
  • movie reviews, maybe?
  • not so very good opinions ‘coz we’re all humans, still!
  • sarcasm as the “body’s natural defense” against stupidity
  • common English swear words, my favorite is “shit”
  • random CAPSLOCK letters to represent what made me bored or angry or excited

Comment or say what you want! Just don’t let it be mean or rude to people who don’t deserve it. And, to spam commenters, BACK OFF! We don’t need you here. Would be better without you!

Let’s get started!