• How Could I Know If He Or She Is "The One"?
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    How Could I Know If He Or She Is “The One”?

    Within a few months of dating, a question will surely float into your mind, and it is always, “Is he (or she) the one?”. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will answer your question. But, there are signs that you and your partner can stay together forever. If you are the type to have to see marriage as the endgame, these signs can test the possibility of that lasting. Try to imagine being with the love of your life. That’s having someone who brings out the best in you. They inspire you to be a better version of yourself, and you do the same for them. Won’t that be…

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    How to get over a break-up (when there are no second chances)

    I am quite a non-believer of the quote “Love is sweeter the second time around”. Why though? Because second chances are not for everyone. Because sometimes, there are no next times. Because sometimes you’ve only got one shot with that someone. When we can’t accept the fact that it’s all over, we feel pressure, pain, fear, and stress. We’d most likely reminisce on those times when we were happy before. I have to say that not every day is happy, guys, not every day you will feel loved. Actually, in romantic relationships, even before you enter one, you have to be prepared that you would get hurt. Love is risky…

  • Simple tips to manage anxiety
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    Simple Tips to Manage Anxiety

    While some of us just wish to go on holiday, some people dream of a life without anxiety. Fear could cause anxiety. But who cares what causes it? Anxiety is so brutal that it randomly creeps up anytime. There’s no definite schedule of when, where, or how. It just happens when it wants to. It steals your peace, happiness, confidence, and power over yourself. It alters how you think. It alters how you see the truth despite the positivity you have mustered. It cripples people. With today’s Covid-19 situation, we see a lot of people wearing masks to protect their physical health. But we might have overlooked that others, too…

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    Sunrise without sun

    I still can remember my phone’s notification when you send me texts, I assigned a different tone for it. I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, that every time I open your messages, I get nervous and anxious but seemingly excited. I often read our conversations with your voice clearly inside my head. Woke up at 2 am. Why did I suddenly craved for you? I immediately took my phone, browsed my gallery and saw one of my favourites. A picture of the sunset, but the best part is you sitting on the sand, staring at it. I’ve thought of things to do in the morning.…